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In order to fully comprehend the true meaning of RIZE, one has to jump back to the early days of gaming. Not the way, way, early days of gaming during the ’50s, but the early cool days of gaming when Nintendo made it cool, and that was during the year 1983 (Japan), and shortly after the infamous videogame “crash” in the US that halted what up to that point was a growing and thriving arcade games industry.

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) made its way to the Land of the Free in 1985, and the revolution of gaming at home started. Fast forward to 2019 and it’s easy to see how all of the technological advances have fundamentally changed the way games are played. From players gathering around a TV set, to online gaming. Somewhere in the middle, that’s where we position ourselves in.

With RIZE you will get the best of both worlds, all the incredible fun of a good gathering of friends with all of the bells and whistles from the latest technological advances in gaming.

Gamers, it’s time to RIZE again!


“Perhaps at some time in the future, when you ask a friend to come up and look at your etchings, you will plug in your collection of video art.”

Ralph H. Baer

German Inventor/Father of Videogames

OLD SCHOOL FUN. Modernized.

LAN parties started to appear in the world of gaming during the mid to late ’90s, when PC games became popular, and then later on with home gaming consoles after the release of the original Xbox.

The concept of these LAN parties is, in essence, for a bunch of gamers to get together and have an awesome good time playing their favorite games.

Even though LAN parties are still happening these days in many parts of the world, with the RIZE of online gaming, their popularity has decreased.

We want to keep them cool AND make them popular again. When you visit us, you’ll get a LAN-like experience, with cutting edge technology in an environment that revolves around the gamer, because RIZE was created by gamers and for gamers, so we definitely know what we’re doing.


No matter if you’re looking for a quick thrill, have some time to spare, or are looking into a more serious in-depth experience, we’ve got your covered. Our unique set-up will be capable of providing just the right measure of entertainment for you. Just be prepared for an experience unlike anything you have ever had before. At RIZE you, the gamer, are the center of attention.

Choose between our options of 1 hour, 3 hour or 6 hour stay. It’s your time and no one knows how to manage it better than you.

Once you’re inside, all bets are off. You can do whatever you want, play whichever game you want, for as long as you want (that is, under the number of hours you paid of course ;-))

Once your bracelet time expires, it’s game over my friend. But fear not, you may extend your stay or come back another day because RIZE is here to stay!


PC Gaming

Experience gaming with cutting edge specs, with the latest video cards, processors and all the RAM possible under the hood. We offer true-to-its roots PC gaming and the most advanced combination of mouse and keyboard you can find. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself!

Console Gaming

Want to party like it’s 2001 again? Console gaming parties are not to be left behind. If a gamepad is your thing, come experience the best of the best in the console world. Lag free. We have Playstation 4s, Xbox Ones, and the awesome Nintendo Switch.

Retro Gaming

Retro consoles will live, like, FOREVER. Nothing beats the sound of those coins in Mario or the butt kicking of a Contra game. Come and marvel at the simplicity of old-school gaming with our NES Mini, SNES Mini, Atari Flashback 8, Sega Genesis Classic, and even the Retro Freak!

In the meantime...

Waiting to join a game of Fortnite? Have an awesome but draining winning streak in FIFA? Need to step away for a moment? Why not jump into other kinds of action such as a friendly game of 9-ball or a ping pong match?
At RIZE, we offer plenty of stuff for you to have fun with friends. Look around our place, we’re positive you’ll find something of your liking. We hear there’s something unique about playing ping pong on a neon table. Seriously.



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